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The Last 5 Of The Rules Of Life A Samurai Swears By! – part 3

And finally, you can read the last five of the rules of life that Musashi wrote here. They are a true inspiration and you can learn a lot from it:

  1. Don’t have the fear of dying

Every one of us will eventually die. However, we shouldn’t live life in constant fears and thoughts about death. We need to live life to the fullest every day and focus on the good.

  1. Respect the Gods but don’t rely on them blindly

Of course, you should respect and look up to the Gods but you need to realize that you cannot rely solely on their guidance. You need to understand that you make your own path.

  1. Don’t pressure on retiring with riches

AS soon you realize that you don’t need possession to live happily ever after, the better. Again, you shouldn’t chase happiness in form of possessions and wealth, you shouldn’t wait until you have more to enjoy life but you need to enjoy every second of it.

  1. Don’t use weapons

Of course, if it is not necessary, Musashi believes that weapons shouldn’t be used. The samurai believes that enforcing an attack is a great sin while defending yourself and your own life is not completely wrong.

  1. Remember to protect your honor!

This is the last of the 20 rules of life written by Musashi. He himself claims that the best way to live life and be your true self is to follow your own beliefs and live life as more honorably as you possibly can!

These rules of life are so simple and yet they are so inspirational! Changing some of these can help you find your true self so you better start now!


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