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Do You Know How Much The Moon Weighs?

The most simple answer to the question of how much the moon weighs is nothing. It is like literally, the moon doesn’t weigh anything.

However, the mass of the moon is another thing. That number is 7.3476 x 10,22.

Even though weight, is directly connected with the mass, it is not the same thing when it comes to the moon, meaning, the mass is not quite the same as the weight of the moon.

In order to understand how much the moon weighs you need to understand that by definition, weight is the force that is exerted by gravity against a body which is resting on a larger mass. Well, the moon is in freefall in the orbit which means that there is no gravity involved. Which leads to the fact that the moon doesn’t weigh anything.

On the other hand, if the moon would’ve been placed on a surface such as the Earth, it would probably weigh 7.3476 x 10,22. Yet this weight would only last for a moment because it would eventually collapse because of its own weight and that would be a really bad day.

But for our luck, there is no possible way of how this could happen. As it happens, the moon always tends to keep its distance away from the Earth and just goes around and around not treating our existence.

The question of how much the moon weighs has a lot of people confused because here on Earth we are very simple and practical because we measure mass by measuring weight and things are a lot more complicated out there in the Universe.

We, the earthlings have made things as simple as they get by defining units of mass as equal to the observed units of weight.

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