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Do You Know That You Can Get Pregnant Without Having Sex?

Of course, this may sound confusing because biologically one has to have sex in order to get pregnant but science proved that one stupid mistake can also get you pregnant without having sex.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, be aware of these mistakes that can get you pregnant without you even knowing:

  1. Sperm can swim across your vagina

Yes, the sperm has the ability and the power to move in your vagina. This is the reason why you should make sure to wash off after sex because if you have any sperm around your vagina, it can get inside and reach your eggs!

  1. Sperm lurking in and out your vagina

This is the most common mistake people make and it is when the man pulls out at the right time. However, this method is so wrong because it can get you pregnant without having sex. There are millions of sperms in one ejaculation and believe it or not, it takes just one to get you pregnant!

  1. An egg waiting to get fertilized

Why would you risk having an intimate relationship with someone while in ovulation if you aren’t on birth control? The risk is higher because there are eggs that are patiently waiting to be fertilized.

  1. Sex toys that are carrying sperm

Just make sure to wash off all the sex toys and dildos that you use because if there is just one little sperm on it, your risk of getting pregnant without having sex is higher!

  1. Oral sex can get you pregnant

This is really rare but it’s possible. If you have oral sex near your vagina and it accidentally gets in a contact with it then you got the risk of getting pregnant!


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