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This Kid Has Never Eaten Processed Sugar In Her Life!

Nowadays almost any food contains processed sugar and there is really no way to avoid it but this kid is a true example that avoiding sugar really is possible!

She is just two and a half years old and her parents managed to keep her out of consuming any processed sugar so far and she looks amazing. They even found out that most of the baby food contains hidden processed sugar and other very harmful chemicals.

Another interesting fact they discovered is that baby food contains a chemical called melamine which is used for the production of plastics! Can you believe that there are actual babies in China who have died because of this very harmful chemical?

These parents believe that all parents all around the world need to know that most of the baby food on the market is very high in processed sugar and other harmful chemicals even though the companies claim that their food is organic and very healthy.

However, it is worth for the long run if you take the time and investigate in order to find the healthiest and organic food for your baby.

This kid’s mum called Shan believes that until kids are able to make their own choices in what they are going to eat, the parents are fully responsible for what they consume on daily basis. She states that when her child is going to be old enough to make her own choices she will give that right to her.

Shan, herself, stopped consuming gluten and processed foods because of food allergies and she says that she never felt better. This is the main reason why she chose to keep her child away from processed food and make sure she stays healthy and has the strong immune system.

The child is very healthy, energetic and has the strong immune system because of the rich in nutrients food that she consumes. She is not as prone to colds as other kids and she is very focused.

Her mum also admits that she wants her daughter to feel good in her body as she grows up. She wants her to feel healthy and strong not tired and lazy. She wants her to be able to make the right decisions and to never have problems with eating disorders.

After all, isn’t this what we all want for ourselves and our children? If yes, why do we constantly make the same choices and consume food that is bad for our overall health and our well-being? We need to start from ourselves and try to avoid processed sugar and processed food and then teach our children about the right choices.

Leading healthier lifestyles in this age of pollution and processed food is the ultimate goal and we need to start making small steps towards it.

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