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Jba Fofi: Giant Spiders Of Congo Can Reach A 5-Feet Leg Span

Giant spiders are anything than a pleasant view for the human eye. We rarely encounter these potentially dangerous species, but when we do, most of us creeped out.

On the contrary, tribes living the forests of Congo, meet these creatures almost every day. Lurking in the forest, there are the famous J’ba Fofi or the great giant spiders.

Local people reported these giant arachnids are brown, with a purple abdomen and grow to become enormous. Their legs are even capable to do a 5 feet extent. Terrified yet?

Although natives said the giant spiders are rarely to be seen, in the past, they were more common.

Inspired by the myths of Mokele-mbembe, a dinosaur-like African creature, famous scientist William J. Gibbons noted some interesting facts.

Namely, on his third expedition to Equatorial Africa, he was investigating whether the pygmies have heard of such creatures. The answer was yes.

They spoke loudly about J’ba Fofi which actually translates as a giant spider or a great spider. The pygmies described it in details, saying it can develop to be enormous, reaching a leg span of at least five feet.

Moreover, the huge spiders spin together a nest made of leaves. The nest has a similar shape to the traditional pygmy hut. They also spin a strong round web between two trees.

These giant spiders are further said to behave similarly to the tarantulas. They also create web nests similar to that species.

The Native Peoples of the Congo tell stories of the giant spider coming into their villages, killing livestock and taking small animals and even children.

J’ba Fofi generally chases birds and small monkeys but also can attack a human being if they have an opportunity.

The only location where this species lives is reportedly the Amazon Basin. There were a few reports for a smaller version of them in New Guinea, Vietnam and Cambodia, but all remained uncertain.

While the stories of these spiders might sound exaggerated, a spider of three to four feet across like these could mortify chickens and dogs.

These two animals are actually the victims in both Venezuela and Central Africa, reported the locals. According to the physical descriptions, the Venezuelan examples are brown and hairy and resemble tarantulas.

The eminent question is how big can spiders actually grow in our modern environment?

Around 75% of the spider varieties is yet to be found. Some of them have very large, let’s say, relatives.

However, three to five feet units living in the jungles of the Amazon and Congo basin is certainly a zoological impossibility.Who knows what remains to be discovered?

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