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Is Putting Your Child On A Leash Right Decision? The Answer Is Pretty Complicated

When it comes to parenting, every parent wants to do what is best for their own kid. Every parent also struggles with reasoning and making the right calls when it comes to raising their kids.

Nowadays many of them struggle with the question if putting your child on a leash is an example of good or bad parenting? The answers and reviews are very much divided which makes this question even harder to be answered.

Some parents that have never even tried this method, judge others that putting your child on a leash is actually very abusive. These parents are judged to be too lazy to even try to discipline their own kid.

So in addition to that, a young mother shares her story about her childhood.

She admits that her parents were very strict and harsh on her when she was a kid. She said that her parents were very loving but they were also disciplined people.

However, once she got her own baby, she decided that she is not putting her child on a leash and let her daughter grow up free. As she says, her daughter was very nice and well-mannered since her birth without her having to be strict on any level.

Later in life, she got to hold her first grandchild and she admits that this boy was not your average baby but it was one very demanding one. This boy was restless and was constantly demanding attention.

As he grew, he stayed as hyper, super intense and highly intelligent toddler who always got in trouble. Someone always had to keep an eye on him.

He was a complete exhaustion to be around but anyway he was so cute and charming. He was not to blame that his nature was pretty wild and hyper.

Which again leads us to the never answered question: Is putting your child on a leash the best decision for his own good?

No one would ever know because every child is different in their own way and every situation is unique. Parents need to try and do the best they can!


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