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If You Don’t Have Sex With Me, You Will Fail – Married Teacher To The Students

The entertainment industry nowadays is overwhelmed with stories and assaults about sexual abuse. However, if we just forget about all the Hollywood scandals just for one minute we will realize that sexual abuse is taboo in normal life.

These acts of sexual abuse are incredibly close to us and there are thousands of people one can relate to not just the actresses of Hollywood.

No matter if this happened to Cara Delevigne or a regular student girl, it is shocking and we need to be aware of it and eventually do something.

The most recent example of sexual abuse one can relate to is the terror that this teacher caused to her students. She threatened to fail anyone that will deny having sexual intercourse with her.

This teacher Yokasta, lives and teaches in Colombia where students claim that she bombarded them with photos and videos of her. Not just any photos but explicit and not appropriate pictures and videos.

At the beginning of her class, she asked for the students to give her their phone numbers in order to help them if they need any help. But little did the students know that she is not going to be helping them with the homework but she will threaten and harass them with disturbing photos and videos of herself.

The teacher forced the students to come and visit her home where she lived with her husband. After the students got in the house, she ordered them to perform sexual acts and if not, they would all fail her subject.

Since this sexual abuse was revealed, her husband has filed for divorce saying that he didn’t know anything about this.

Her bizarre behavior was finally revealed by a father of a student. He got really suspicious about what he is doing with his teacher so he got his phone and was beyond shocked about what he had found inside.

The father went to the police immediately where he gave all the threatening messages and pictures. He also got his son and his fellow students to testify in the sexual abuse they survived because of their crazy teacher.

And she, the teacher was immediately arrested and she is now facing 40 years of jail time.

But the victims of her harassment felt that she is not punished enough so they went online and published all the photos and explicit videos of the teacher. They even wrote the story and told her name to the public so that everyone knows who she is.

They also wanted to inspire other students that are being sexually abused by teachers to confess and tell the police. They also want to scare other abusers into what their life could turn after the truth is revealed.

These pictures went viral and even though there were some mixed reactions, most of them were disgusted by the behavior of a teacher. All in all, parents and people overall are now aware of the fact that there are different kinds of people out there and that sexual abuse is part of our daily life. We all need to do something about it, so we might start by telling the truth.


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