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Husbands Are Stressing Women More Than Children

It has been even proven for a fact that women are being stressed by their husbands twice as much as they are from their children.

How many women do you know that constantly argue about how their husbands are acting like children?

Nowadays, men only care about themselves and they expect their wife to be a mother and their personal maid. Women are overloaded with day to day tasks, cleaning the house, preparing food, raising the kids and taking care of their husbands. Most of them even have a job and never get any help from their partners. No wonder women are being stressed.

A survey was made where it was concluded that most of the women claim that they are being stressed by their husbands twice as much as they are by their children. They believe that their husbands and partners need to be of help and make things easier for them not give them extra trouble and more stuff to worry about.

Do you know that 3 of 4 moms do all the job by themselves and never get any help? 1 of 5 moms even admits that not having help from their partner is the major source of their daily stress.

Other researchers have also revealed that most of the men in the marriage rely on their women to do everything around the house and the children. IT was also revealed that when a woman loses her husband when in marriage they go through it easily because they have done all of it by themselves forever. On the other hand when women died and left their men partners alone with their children most of them have faced difficulties in continuing their lives.

These problems are here and women are being stressed because of the simple fact that men believe that after they get home for work they need to rest and take some time off. They believe that it is women’s responsibility to take care of the house and the children but they forget that most women go to work also. This is the reason women believe that they and their partners need to share the responsibilities they have and when their partners don’t do that, they get very stressed and angry.

Every home duty and kids responsibilities fall on the shoulders of women and In most cases, this reflects really bad on the relationship of the partners because women are constantly stressed and argue that they don’t get the respect they deserve. Which is true.

In order to stop this happening to you, you need to have a conversation with your partner and explain to them that you are being stressed. You also need to specifically point them the things you need help and make a plan that will work for both of you.

Explain that you also need time for yourself as well as you both need time to get together and cherish your relationship and love and forget about being stressed once and for all!


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