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Are There More Human Species On Earth Than We Thought?

This very important fact was actually stated by the very famous, bestselling author and alien researcher Alexis Brooks.

She states that she has multiple reasons and actual proofs because of which she believes that there are more human species living on Earth and not just one as we thought until now.

She has researched this phenomenon that is related to Star Children which is a race of hybrid creatures with alien DNA. he believes that these creatures are a new human species that have superior cognitive abilities.

Alexis presents another very intriguing theory that aliens have been trying to emerge in our race long time now. She believes that the alien abductions are the proof of this as well as the young people that claim to be aliens. She also had many therapies of regression with many people that claim to be abducted and they seem to have convinced her about the new type of human species among us.

She states that these people and children have the ability to think way above the curve and they all are more consciously aware of multi-dimensional experiences rather than the normal people.

She takes this even further stating that the answer to the question where do we come from may be right in front of us but not all of us have the abilities to recognize or explain that.

Sam Chan is another specialist that shared his opinion with Alexis stating that these alien sequences even have their own system and that they are proven to resist some drugs.

Furthermore, he states that adaptation is the mother of evolution. He firmly believes that the manipulation of the human genome is real. He says that the aliens are planting the seeds for the new, better generations that will come in the future.

As humans, it is pretty obvious that nothing can satisfy our greed. All the technology, all the possibilities and yet the human race has gone downhill instead of climbing the ladder of success. We dream about the utopian future and yet we do all the opposite to acquire it. For what is worse, we have even accepted the grey future that is coming towards us because of the overpopulation and the climate change. We all, human species, are responsible for this.

These revelations of the new human species walking among us may be the only hope we have. Maybe they aren’t a threat but the salvation. Maybe they will be the new, better civilization which will change our ways, repair all the damage we have done and guide us in the right direction.

Yet, the real question is if we are going to be brave and noble enough to acknowledge our mistakes and recognize the new generation? Are we going to let them help us and activate our intelligence or we are going to extinct them?

Are we ever going to satisfy the cravings of our appetites or the desires which will resemble our ends?

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