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What Happens When You Spontaneously Open Your Third Eye

The third eye locates in the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows. According to the scientists, it represents a powerful energy core. Most often it’s closed, but what happens when it opens?

Some spiritual activists consider the third eye to be an organ in the shape of an egg, inside the skull. On the other hand, cosmologists refer to it as Cosmic Egg – the root of all creation.

When it’s activated, they say this eye is capable of transporting us anywhere we want or even create another mystical world.

The Hindu culture describes it as the sixth primary chakra or the energy center.

They say that when it opens, it gives the power of better perception, knowledge and wisdom without help from the material world.

Moreover, they say that the third eye gives the capability to communicate telepathically with other people, to see the dead’s spirits or to get messages from the other world.

People who have opened this kind of eye are famous as “Seers”. Even witches have shown an honor for its value and for its great power in handling spiritual energies.

The author of, “The Secret Doctrine”, H.P. Blavatsky, explains the third eye to be related to the pineal gland.

According to her, all humans once had this kind of eye, but over the time it reduced and went away from our spiritual roots.

When it lowered its initial size, this eye became what we know today as the pineal gland. Nobody said it couldn’t be recovered; however, this action requires following special exercises.

Uncovering the mystery of the third eye’s opening

The whole truth behind its opening is very complex. Researchers have said many things about this matter so we have to take a moment to explain some things:

First, the spontaneous opening comes along with particular manifestations that you must avoid.

Second, there is a probability of opening the eye in a healthy manner, without negative manifestations, through mind practice and exercise.

Third, those who do holistic exercises, such as Qi-Gong or Raja Yoga might already have opened their third eye.

The Healthy Third Eye

Like every other body part, this eye can also bear some illnesses. These diseases are almost always connected with the energy flow of the Eye.

Namely, if this energy flow is restricted or blocked, there will be symptoms such as headaches and bad sense of taste, smell and sight.

On an abstract level, a blocked Eye can cause extreme daydreaming and a low sense of intuition, grounding, and emotional dryness.

Five signs and symptoms of a spontaneous opening

1. Dramatic Changes to Vision

The third eye, besides everything else, it’s still an eye. When it opens, it generates the sixth sense which further has an influence on the other senses.For instance, for some individuals, colors may appear brighter or more vivid.

Others can mark weird smells or the flavor of the food could taste different. Furthermore, there could be new sounds and even the sense of touch can change in many different ways.

2. Dreams Become More Intense and Bizarre

When the Third Eye opens, the dreams become one of the most open portals for communication coming from higher places.

During the dream state, the mind of someone whose Eye has opened unconsciously, these messages combine with their natural dreams turning into a chaotic event that can have a deep impact on sleep.

It is very common for someone experiencing these issues to seek medical help, which can close the Eye again.

3. Headaches and Heaviness

People who automatically open the Eye, usually always suffer from headaches and a feeling that their body is heavier.

The flow of energy through the chakras could take the blame for this situation.

If the opening is not properly balanced, the energy flow could become confused. Because everything in the organism is connected, one bad part of the system could spread to other parts.

It’s important to remember that the presence of physical symptoms should always be examined by a doctor to prevent other causes of diseases.

4. Delusion from Reality

Without an opened Eye, the human mind has another way of experiencing the world. Namely, it creates a thought of being an education and living in a common reality.

While when the Eye opens, that sense has another influence coming from other levels of reality. The sense of delusion and detachment from reality makes the individual think that nothing is real.

5. Relationship Disruption

With the opening of Eye, also comes a significant ability to recognize the truth. As an outcome, the pure nature of every human relationship may suddenly seem shallow and unimportant.

Dishonesty becomes more apparent, and the minor everyday hypocrisy may become unbearable.

Do you have symptoms of an opened third eye?

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