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Group Suicide Survivors Is Maintaining Their Death Cult’s Mission For Two Decades

Thirty-nine members of the first internet suicide cult named Heaven’s Gate took their lives away because they thought an alien spacecraft hidden in the tail of a comet was on its way to gather their souls.

Twenty years ago, 39 people dressed in equal robes and Nike trainers consumed a deadly mixed drink made from vodka, poison, and applesauce, put plastic bags and purple cloaks over their heads and waited on the bed to die.

They had a belief that an alien spacecraft hiding in the read of a comet was coming to take their souls.

All the suicidal victims were part of a cult named Heaven’s Gate which is the world’s most infamous internet-connected suicide clan. Their leader was named Marshall Applewhite, a dedicated preacher’s son who died the last.

He made the cult in the 1970s, together with the nurse Bonnie Nettles. They both claimed they are alien prognosticators and called themselves Do and Ti. Their mission included traveling around the US and speaking publicly about their belief that the Earth is expected to be gone and humans to escalate to “the evolutionary level above human.”

Applewhite and his followers, before they kill themselves, they ascertained they left a digital heritage for us.

Even though this story was broadly reported by the media at that time, what wasn’t mentioned is that two members of the sect were prepared for another mission. They would be the only two surviving members on Earth whose duty would be to preserve the Heaven’s Gate website.

Now, for twenty years, the only survived members have eagerly obeyed their duty, answered many questions and handled all the other issues. The website is a creepy digital time-capsule, designed in old fashion and full with instructive speech.

Even though the pair rejects to reveal their true identity, it is assumed they are Mark and Sarah King, a couple in their sixties living in Arizona, who left departed from the sect in the late 80s and founded a company called The Evolutionary Level Above Human.

They both behaved as a “communication and clearing house” for the group’s universal correlations. After the tragic suicides, they engaged in a two-year-old legal battle to regain a property captured by the government.

In an exclusive couple interview, they explain they are “partners in crime” or “partners in their duty” more than they are partners in their marriage.

“We are very private,” they say. “We are in our mid-sixties, but don’t have any family, children or pets. Our day-to-day lives are working regular jobs, taking care of household chores and maintaining the website, emails and the other physical and intellectual property issues that arise all the time.

“People who are close to us know what we do and accept our right to our beliefs, but the regular people we come into contact with during a normal day would not know of our circumstance and probably wouldn’t care.”

Even after two decades, people are still amazed by the story of Heaven’s Gate which makes this couple’s hands busy all the time. They claim they receive emails from all around the world every single day. The emails vary from funny, to offensive or intriguing. The couple says there are people who really want to learn more and around 5% of the world population wants to join. However, that is not possible since the cult’s life ended in 1997.

 “Maintaining the information, in some very difficult circumstances, for 20 years has been very positive.”

“We are happy because we perform a task we love to do,” they said.

Their dead co-groupies were men and women from 26 to 72 years old, who killed themselves with Phenobarbital in on March 24, 25 and 26 1997. The last group tidily organized their associate’s bodies in sack beds before killing themselves too.

They all had bands on their arms which had a sign “Heaven’s Gate Away Team.”

The suicide plan came into their minds after Bonnie died out of cancer in the 80s.

When the Hale-Bopp comet passed close by the Earth in 1996, their leader Applewhite was sure Bonnie’s alien form was coming behind it in a UFO to collect their souls.

Before the incident, Applewhite took some footages in which he explained how everyone who wants to ride in a UFO has to “break away from this world” and leave behind their “human ways and human behavior.”

The web administrators continue to explain Applewhite’s weird beliefs.

“It is not a religion, it is more like an unproven scientific theory,” they say. “The simple understanding is there is a real, physical level above the human one on Earth. It is real individuals, in real bodies, in real crafts taking care of the issues of their planet.”

According to the theory of the Gaters, both Jesus and Applewhite were alien caretakers.

Hence, the last remaining Heaven’s Gate members are here on Earth, watching the website and bragging the name of their leader to the world. They say he will return to Earth one day because it is assigned to him.

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