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The Greatest Mysteries Of The Second World War (Part I)

Some questions that appeared after the World Wars remained mysterious even today. Here are some of them:

1. Hitler’s Missing Globe

Adolf Hitler possessed a large globe that became famous after Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator.”  Nevertheless, after the war ended, his globe mysteriously vanished.

The Globe was made particularly for Hitler and was famous as the Columbus Globe for State and Industry Leaders of the Fuhrer.

Hitler owned two high-priced globes constructed by the Columbus factory. However, the globe he preserved in the New Reich Chancellery disappeared and no one knew where it is.

Of course, there are other Nazi globes and copies of this particular globe, but the original legendary one has never been found.

The first person to investigate the Reich Chancellery after Berlin was occupied by the Red Army was the Soviet Minister of Internal Affairs – Lavrentiy Beria.

Many people claim he was the one who stole the globe and took it to Lubyanka, but KGB never commented if this claiming is genuine or not.

Recently, a soldier from the USA found a similar globe in The Eagle’s Nest complex owned by Hitler near the Bavarian Alps, but it was confirmed it is not the authentic one since it is too small to be.

2. What Happened To The Swedish Businessman Raoul Wallenberg?

The businessman from Sweden, Raoul Wallenberg, was well-known as the salvation hero who rescued many Jews during the World War II.

The Soviets took him into prison in 1945 and then he just disappeared. He gave freedom to more than 60,000 Jews in Hungary, giving them protection, food, and fake passports.

When the Soviets dismissed the Nazis through Eastern Europe in the course of the war, the Swedish guardian angel was captured at the Siege of Budapest by the Red Army doubting he’s a spy.

Allegedly, Wallenberg lost his life in the prison of Lubyanka run by the KGB on July 17, 1947. The Soviet’s clarification was the following:

 “I report that the prisoner Wallenberg who is well-known to you, died suddenly in his cell this night, probably as a result of a heart attack or heart failure. 

Pursuant to the instructions given by you that I personally have Wallenberg under my care, I request approval to make an autopsy with a view to establishing the cause of death…

I have personally notified the minister and it has been ordered that the body is cremated without an autopsy.”

However, most of the people didn’t accept this explanation so the Russian government hired Vyacheslav Nikonov to inspect the death in 1991.

His investigation’s results indicated that the man was killed with C-2 poison inside the prison. Back then, C-2 was experimented by the Soviet secret services, which explains why he was cremated without examination of the body.

After this, throughout the public appeared many divided opinions of the possible death cause of the Swedish rescuer.

Some said he was shot, others say he was poisoned and some say he was beaten to death. Other prisoners assured they saw him and they had conversations with him.

Moreover, there are even theories that the businessman was not killed, but he remained alive in the prison for 40 years and nobody knew about it.

However, there is no genuine and unique explanation for what happened to him.

The only thing sure is that he was a threat to the state because of his alleged collaboration with the US.

He was officially declared dead by the Swedish government on October 31, 2016.

3. The Vanishing Of Flight 19

Fourteen air soldiers were never found after Flight 19 mysteriously disappeared over the Bermuda triangle.

The well-known Bermuda Triangle’s fable is still fascinating even today and one of its first enigmas was particularly the story about Flight 19 we are going to tell now.

December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger Torpedo bombers disappeared during the US Navy’s overwater navigation training flight. To be even weirder, right after the disappearance, a PBM Mariner flying boat was sent to search for them but also disappeared together with the corps.

The Bermuda Triangle is famous for its supernatural interpretations of events, however, the reason for the event was said to be unknown and even present-day it remains like that.

The initial report asserted that the group’s leader, Lieutenant Charles Taylor got lost and circled around until the gas ran out. Some of the pilots from the crew allegedly knew their location but decided to listen to the leader.

After the incident, there weren’t found either bodies either aircraft, so that makes Flight 19 one of the biggest Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries in the history.

4. Who Made The Phone Call That Brought Anne Frank To The Nazis?

Everybody has heard about Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who wrote a diary while hiding in Amsterdam during the infamous Holocaust.

She and her relatives were reported and taken into custody in 1944 and later sent in the Concentration Camps.

The little girl died just one year after her capture while her family’s only residue was her father, Otto.

Her diary was preserved by a friend of the family, who after the events gave it to her father who published it to the public.

The weird thing which was never found is who called and reported her hidden place, now called Anne Frank’s house. The question that bothered many people as the years were passing by is who was behind that unknown phone call that ruined the girl’s life.

One of the prime suspects was the warehouse manager, Willem van Maaren, however, when the accusations were implied, there were no witnesses to prove it since the Nazi officer who took the call already had died.

There were also other suspects for who it was alleged they did the call. Anton Ahlers claimed his father Tonny Ahlers, a friend of Otto Frank was the one who reported the family to the Gestapo.

The lady who cleaned the building could also have reported them in fear for her husband’s life since she was threatened by the Nazis

During a 1948 investigation, other people who worked in the building said they knew that the Jewish family was hidden in the secret annex, so they could be suspected of making the call as well.

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