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Frightening Tales Of Ouija Boards Usage Gone Bad

Ouija boards or spirit boards are definitely something that spikes curiosity yet dread among the people. Everyone has heard stories about them and people who used them and experienced unfortunate consequences.

But, let’s introduce you to them from the very beginning.

Ouija boards were used even in the 19th century in America. Their reputation grew together with the interest in spiritualism.

However, the belief that the dead can interact with the living became viral when Kennard Novelty Company produced these boards as room games in the late 1800s.

Creepy Halloween party with Ouija Board

Today, Ouija boards can also come with series of commands. They usually include a list of user warnings.

For instance, not letting the planchette touch the four corners of the board, go back through the alphabet, not asking about your own death, and NEVER playing the game alone.

We present you some stories that might went the wrong way and got remembered in the history.

1.Curiosity killed the cat

One usual calm night, a few high-school girls were hanging out. They were all simple teenagers, with strong Christian morals. It was quite surprising some of them to bring a spirit board to a sleepover.

However, one of them brought up the Hasbro game, easily obtainable in most of the stores around.

The girls circled around the board. Another friend of theirs wasn’t there that night, so they decided to summon her and find out what she was doing. They thought the spirits would tell them these facts.

Even though the board didn’t answer, the girls were asking the usual questions and waited for the planchette to move.

Occasionally, some of the girls were shifting the planchette as a joke. However, the game didn’t do anything so they put it away.

A week later, their missing friend suffered a horrifying car accident. She died in the hospital. The girls never discovered what she was doing the night of the sleepover.

2.Who Brought it Back?

As you know, the Ouija boards allegedly can bring the unwanted into holy locations. But they, themselves, are unwanted in some spaces. Just like the case of a young man.

When he was a child, his siblings showed him a spirit board. They assumed it’s only a game and nothing more serious.

They gathered around in the bedroom to play the game. It wasn’t very long when the mother of the boy realized what they were doing.

She took the board away from them and forbid her children from ever bringing one in her house again.

Years have passed and the boy had grown into an adult. One day he got a call from his mother who was asking how is it possible for her to discover the Ouija board in her attic. She was angry thinking her kids didn’t listen to her words years ago.

But, the young boy knew what he saw. The board got thrown out of his garbage and far away from his home.

He explained that it might be a different board, but his mother claimed it was the same one.

To be even creepier, the face of the brother of the boy, who was actually the one brought home the board and died soon after, was carved in the back of it.

3. The terrifying of story of ZoZo

One of the most popular stories related to Ouija boards are the many tales of the demon ZoZo. People believe this being is an ancient power from hell.

This wicked being has supposedly been present for centuries and used these boards as a good hole for human’s mental destruction.

In 2009, Darren Evans was the first person to share his experience with this demon. He said that he made a contact with ZoZo using a spirit board together with his girlfriend.

Moreover, he said that ZoZo threatened his sister, who nearly died, and caused Evans to have a nervous breakdown.

After seeking an exorcism, ZoZo apparently had left Evans alone. However, Evans now runs a site as a Zoologist which is a place for others to share their horrifying experiences with the demon.

Are the stories above just fiction? Could they be coincidences? Or is there a real danger of using Ouija boards? What do you think?

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