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Five Times Reptilians Were Spotted In Real Life And Recorded On Video


Reptilians are the alleged reptilian humanoids that play an important role in fantasy, science fiction, ufology, and of course, conspiracy theories.

Whenever reptilians are mentioned, many people act skeptically and don’t want to hear the stories about them.

The idea of reptilians was revived by the conspiracy theorist named David Icke, a who believes shape-shifting reptilian aliens are in control of Earth by taking on human shape and gaining political power to maneuver with human societies.

However, a lot of people who believe in the unexplained point out a lot of examples in mythology and ancient texts that tell the story of serpent gods and lizard people who lived deep in the Earth.

There are still people who report alleged sightings of these reptilian humanoid creatures even today, supporting the theory of Icke.

People also have conspiracy theories that certain world leaders are changing their shape into reptilians.

The video below depicts five distinct examples in which alleged reptilians have been spotted in real life and recorded with camera:

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