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Fibromyalgia Causes Are Finally Revealed And The Mystery Is Solved!

After long years of research, scientists finally confirmed that fibromyalgia is not just in the patient’s head but there are other multiple fibromyalgia causes that we weren’t aware until now. It is completely contrary to the popular belief that this disease comes from the brain.

A great number of doctors even today believe that this disease is based on the imagination of the patient.

Yet, has finally been proven that this disease a result of pathology in the nerve fibers around some of the blood vessel structure in the palms.

The saddest thing about this disease and the unknown fibromyalgia causes is that the ones affected usually turn to pain relievers in order to find some hope. However, it has been finally proven that the major source of pain in this disease comes from the blood vessels in the palms of our hands.

Scientists got to this results with a lot of testing and comparing the skin of the hands of a healthy man and one suffering from fibromyalgia.

A mystery such as this being solved means that doctors will finally be able to find out the fibromyalgia causes and be able to treat the disease. Numerous questions now got their answers, for example, it is pretty obvious now why most of the patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia have extremely painful foot and hands. It has also been revealed that the symptoms are stronger when the weather is cold.

Until now, the treatments for this disease have not at all brought relief to the patients which is why these revelations are a good news because they will help the scientists develop a better treatment and even cure for this mysterious disease.

Thousands of people are suffering from it and they now finally know the fibromyalgia causes and have the hope to be cured.

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