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The Fascinating Fact That Makes This Place ‘The Center Of The Universe’

There is one inexplicable fact that makes this place to be famous as the ‘Center of the universe’.

We are more than aware that the Earth is the motherland of many enigmatic and mind-blowing places and objects.

Some of them are explained by science; however, a big portion of them still remains a rational mind’s biggest challenge.

In the distant past, our precedents, being unable to explain the unexplainable, ‘blamed’ the gods and other divine creatures for the mystifying events and objects.

The ancient Greeks marked the center of the world by placing an omphalos in the form of a hollowed stone. The most legendary one was placed in the edict of Delphi, expressing that from that spot and was built the rest of the world.

The US also has its own unique center of the universe and its place rests in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even though that this ‘center of the universe’ doesn’t have the looks of anything special or antique, still, it possesses one bizarre feature that very shocking for any visitor.

The legends say that a siren could storm off in the center of the circle and the people outside wouldn’t hear anything.

This may sound as an overstatement; however, a person’s voice sounds seriously deformed when heard from outside the circle.

This mysterious fact the “center of the universe” was endowed with was never clearly resolved or explained.

Being set up at 20 Archer Street at the intersection with Boston Avenue, this ‘center’ doesn’t look like anything exclusive, but rather, a basic circle about 75 centimeters in diameter encircled with 13 rows of tiles.

It is not even very old since it was created in the 80’s after a major fire in the area.

Apparently, when a person stands in the center of the circle, in whatever direction he looks in, with the noise he makes he can hear his own echo a few times louder than spoken, while the people standing outside of it wouldn’t hear.Instead of hearing, in this manner, they only apprehend the voice deformed.

There are several theories that seem to explain the paradox.

One of them applies that the effect the ‘center’ generates is due to a metal expansion joint that crosses the circle that is located on a viaduct, which would unintentionally cause this rarity.

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