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An Famous Ancient Sword By The Name Of Ulfberht Was Discovered!

This finding may just be another reason for us to believe the theory that our history and all that we know is intentionally made and purposely obscured for us to blindly believe in.

Also, this may be another proof that there was probably even greater tech than what the authorities made us believe.

This is the hypothetical scenario of the ancient sword that probably didn’t come from the future:

It was just another morning for Olav in Scandinavia 895BCE in a village where kinsmen demanded swords and spears. However, they were now overdue for several days because Olav made a terrible mistake. He knocked over a bowl of charcoal powder, a powder that his children prepared finely and ready to be mixed with some animal fat. The kids used it for runic writing. But when Olav knocked the bowl, it hit the furnace run off and it landed right on the liquid metal. It was then when Olav had to figure out what to do.

Thinking did not help him so after a few days of trouble, waiting for the furnace to cool off and all the fuel that he had spent, he decided that his only choice is to move on with the making of the swords like nothing ever happened.

And of course, when done and cooled, the sword looked completely different than the once Olav produced in the past. At that time he was so worried because he knew that the village will see the difference and they would demand all the weapons to be remade because there are sub-standard. However, he didn’t see any other choice so he hoped and prayed to Odin that none of the people in the village would see the difference.

Yet, before handing out the sword he decided to test out the sword like any other by hacking at hanging deer’s until they are in two.

And when the time came for him to test out the new blade and now an ancient sword, he aimed in the center of the deer and hit the deer. With the regular swords, it took him a couple of hits in order to cut the deer’s in two but when he swung with this one, he was amazed when the sword didn’t bounce back on the bones but it clearly cleaved the deer in two perfect cuts. It was surreal what Olav has done and witnessed. He took just one swing and not the regular 5-6 swings. It was then when he realized that his prayers to Odin were answered.

When he tested the blade after the hit he was amazed by the fact that it was still as sharp as it was the first time he made it.

From this day on, Olav was known as the blade maker who had been touched by the Gods and the man that made the best weapons on the planet.

This or a similar story is a more logical way to explain where the ancient sword appeared then the belief that it came from the future.

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