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This Family Took The Abduction In Their Own Hands After The Cops Didn’t Do Anything!

Even though the family constantly contacted the cops and told them about the abduction of one of their family members, they didn’t do anything.

IT was then when the family decided that they need to take the matter into their own hands.

The cousin of the victim actually found the house where the abduction happened and he just got in, saw the kidnapper and shot him.

After he has saved his cousin from the kidnapper, the detectives on the case said that his crime, of him shooting the kidnapper is counted as a homicide.

As the cousin claims, he heard loud screams of the house from where his cousin was reportedly kidnapped so he slammed the door open and saw the kidnapper stabbing his cousin. It was then when he got his legal gun and shot the kidnapper with several shots.

The girl that was kidnapped was heavily injured but stabilized and expected to recover.

The family stated that they knew from the exact beginning who the kidnapper was because he and the girl had passed together and that he even got a restraining order to stay away from her. They state that they explained all of this to the police and yet they didn’t do anything.

So they decided to take the matter into their own hands and try to save the life of their family member. And who wouldn’t?

After all, not taking an abduction seriously is a really big mistake. It is the job of the police to find the missing girl but if they don’t do it, is the family supposed to wait until their family member magically comes back home? And is her cousin really the one who should face jail because he killed the man that kidnapped and tried to kill this woman?

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