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Fact: Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Mothers, Not Their Fathers!

If you are a father you might get angry after reading this and be in denial but it has been proven for a fact that children inherit intelligence from their mother!

Even though scientists and doctors believed that both of the parents pass on the intelligence to their children but after years of research it was proven that it was just the mother that pass on their intelligence!

All scientists involved were surprised by the results and they tried to explain it as simple as possible with admitting that genetics are actually very complicated. They gave us the explanation of the X and the Y chromosomes. These chromosomes are a composition of nucleic and protein and they are formed like a thread.

Their role in the human organism is very important because they are responsible for transferring the genetics info. For a fact, we know that men have the X and the Y chromosome and women have the X one but twice!

Well, the human genes are actually very complicated because when one specific selection is activated the others get deactivated! The active ones have the impact on the genetics development and the inactive one don’t. This actually means that when the mother activates one characteristic, the genes that come from the father get deactivated and vice versa.

So it is probably pretty obvious for you now that because of the reason that women have two X chromosomes and men have only one, they are the ones that affect the genes and mothers are from whom children inherit intelligence.

If this is not enough convincing for you, there is other evidence for this fact.

In order to prove this scientifically, the doctors tested this theory on mice that are genetically modified. Their results were that the mice that got the intelligence from their mother have had bigger heads but smaller bodies. In opposite of the mice that inherited the intelligence from their fathers and developed bigger and muscular bodies but smaller head and brains.

In addition, the doctors observed the brains of both groups of mice.

Anyway, even scientists from the University of Cambridge are confirming these results saying that children inherit intelligence from their mothers. They also say that mothers overall have higher IQ.

So how do you feel about this fact? Are you ever going to accept that (guessing you are male) your children may never inherit your great mind and beyond intelligence? Do you feel uncomfortable because of this fact? Does It make you angry? Or you are just not ever going to accept it?

On the other hand, if you are a female, you must be very proud knowing that your children will inherit not just the good looks but the great intelligence from you. Mothers and children will anyway forever have a special bond and no study or results can prove that wrong!

Which is why everyone should celebrate women and mothers because they cannot be replaced!

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