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Video: Epic Battle Between Tarantula And Tarantula Hawk

If you feel allergic to spiders, you better go away. However, if you curious, you can see a majestic battle between a giant tarantula and a tarantula hawk, which is a grumpy tarantula hunter.

The epic fight was going on for few minutes in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The pest’s aim was to try to deaden the spider, as the child thought.

The video clearly shows how the tarantula hawk is prickling the large spider until it ends up completely disabled and helpless.

Karen and Matthew Perry shot this video while having a desert trip with their children, Cash and Cadence.

In the beginning of the video, Cash bends over to take a look at this rather energetic battle. After that, he begins describing the struggle’s steps as they unwind.

“The tarantula hawk is trying to paralyze the tarantula so that it could drag it back to its burrow and lay an egg on its abdomen,” says Cash.

“When the egg hatches, it feeds off the still living tarantula until it becomes an adult wasp, which takes about a month.”

Although the tarantula hawk is much tinier than its opponent, it is obvious its bite is really strong.

Don’t be afraid though. This predator does not have the particular wish to hurt humankind nor does it have the power to murder them.

Cash explained the tarantula hawks only bite you if they feel you as a threat. Otherwise, they leave you alone.

“Even though they’re not lethal to humans, the tarantula hawk’s sting is the second most painful sting in the insect kingdom.

“I felt excited to see it in action – it’s not rare that it happens but it’s rare to get to see it happen right in front of you.”

When the wasp finishes the paralyzing with its poison, it lays an egg inside the tarantula’s belly. That places a series of biological events that turn the spider into some kind of a zombie.

The insect then takes the disabled but alive spider back to the spider’s own nest. When the hawk’s egg hatches, the larva eats the spider, which is still alive but paralyzed, from the inside out. 

The spider can’t oppose since it is being eaten from the inside. The whole process can take a few weeks.

However, we advise you to run away and run away far from these kinds of events.

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