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Edward Snowden Explains Who Rules The USA !

Edward Snowden claims that he has discovered who rules the United States of America and he assures us that it is not the Russians.

He himself believed in all the noble intents of the government. He was not to blame because everyone in America believed in the government at that time.

But now, he states that he has finally cleared his head and admits that he was being naive. He also elaborates on the subject of corruption in the government and who actually runs the USA.

He also claims that it is to the citizens’ right to know and understand the people that are in the government and all the important people that make life-changing decisions. He believes that the citizen should be aware of everyone that controls the state because it is in our democratical rights. He also admits that this is the main reason why he did what he did which is blowing on mass surveillance programs.

Edward Snowden himself was the witness of the manipulation strategies that the government used and used his position to let the public know about everything they are doing and finally shed some light on the flawed system.

He himself later admitted that neither the Congress nor anyone in the White House knew about what was going under their noses. And he asks the ultimate question, if not them, who makes such decisions and overall, who runs the USA?

It is not a secret that the mass surveillance is a huge and very critical issue. Even Edward Snowden himself admits that we will probably never be able to get rid of this problem, even though, invading into people’s privacy is wrong in so many ways.

If you want to know more about it, watch the link below:

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