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DNA Results Prove Former Old Postman Has More Than 1,300 Children

It’s has been verified that an 87-year-old retired postman from Nashville is the father of over 1,300 illegitimate children after a Tennessee family hired a private detective to bring up the whole truth.

The inquiry included thousands of DNA samples and testimonies from women in over a 15-year period that proved the former postman is definitely the father of thousands of illicit children in the district.

Ironically, his justification was that back in the day’s contraception was not a very famous tool.

He also added that he is not ashamed of his past at all, but rather commented how the 60s were good days for him because he did a Johnny Cash impression on the ladies.

Some even thought I was Johnny Cash for real, he recalls laughingly. I don’t know if they really believed it or if they were trying to convince themselves, but who was I to say no to a quickie? he acknowledged.

The author Anthony Kendall, together with the private detective Sid Roy, did the whole 15-year investigation and promised to publish the outcome of it in a book.

The truth has been untangled

When the private investigator Sid Roy accepted this case, he didn’t assume this engagement would turn out to be a 15-year old truth exploration.

Everything commenced back in 2001 when two men that didn’t even know each other employed him to find their real father. The further search he made led him to the astonishing results that both men have the same dad.

This was the point when the bundle started untangling and revealing so many details it made the private investigator take this as a private mission and life commitment. Whenever he had free time hed trail other traces and testimonies.


Finally, when the DNA testing became cheaper than before and results from it came faster; he used it to gather even more information.

The private investigator claims the children don’t intend to pursue any legal lawsuit against their biological father.

He also said that many people who know the truth are not interested in revealing such type of information to the public. The reason for this, he explained, is that such testimony could break up many families.

Sid Roy says he is happy because most people finally acknowledged the truth and don’t hate the old postman.

The DNA testing revealed around 1,300 children, but Sid Roy believes there are even more.

Ive spent 15 years of my own personal time into this, I think its enough, he admits.

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