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Mom Finds Her Dead Daughter’s Missing Necklace On Facebook

By the time she turned 16, Alice knew she will die. That’s why she made a little souvenir for her mother Vicky. It was a silver necklace with two hears. One of the hearts had her fingerprint and the other had her sister’s. After her mom lost it, guess who found the missing necklace?

Alice passed away at the age of 17 and her mother promised she would never take off the necklace.

Vicky went through real hell because she was experiencing the horrible emotions of losing a child.

For the first time in her life, one year after the terrible loss, Vicky visited New York. She was taking photos of the Big Apple when she felt her necklace missing from her neck.

It was the moment the poor woman understood she has lost the precious gift of her daughter. The huge city and the jammed streets of Manhattan just made it worse. She rushed back in a panic on the places she previously walked but she couldn’t find it.

Broken into pieces, Vicky had to go back to her home city of Manchester but this time, without her precious souvenir.

Quickly, she posted a public plea on social media of Facebook in a desperate attempt of searching.

“The fingerprint charm was something Alice had made for me after she found out that she was not going to win the cancer battle,” said Vicky.

However, she knew her chances didn’t stand much because she lost it in one of the biggest cities in the world. And not only that, she feared she couldn’t go that viral so anybody gets aware of her situation.

She got very lucky, like a sign from her daughter watching from the sky.

The mother was overcome with joy when she was contacted by Freddy and Emelie Ortiz who found it on the city’s 34th Street. By pure luck, they somehow ran into Vicky’s public Facebook plea and returned her the missing necklace.

Alice was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 but refused to let the disease take over her life. She made a bucket list and went on to tick off items on it.

Watch the video to see the full story.

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