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Dad Jumps His Car Over An Opening Drawbridge To Save His Family

A family from New Jersey managed to dodge death when they accomplished a crazy stunt, escaping the clutches of an opening drawbridge.

Terrance Naphys and his family were on the way to their destination to Cape Code, traveling by their car.

While they were passing the Middle Thorofare Bridge, which links Wildwood and Cape May, they ended up in a frightening circumstance.

Suddenly, the iron grid of the drawbridge began to open below them. It was uprising between 3 and 6 feet in the air. That was the moment when the family’s driver decided to rush over the bridge.

“He accelerated, and of course then we landed with a big impact on the concrete on the side,” the man’s wife, Jackie Naphys, told CBS Philadelphia.

Mr. Naphys believes that his risky move is what rescued his family’s life.

“I’m thankful we’re still here because I think if we went in the water or stayed on the bridge, we wouldn’t still be here, or we’d be serious, seriously injured,” he said.

Curiously, their car only underwent some insignificant scratches on the front.

Naphys had just paid the toll and was driving towards the drawbridge. According to the New Jersey State Police, the bridge started opening as a result of a large moving ship.

“An employee for the Cape May County Bridge Commission stated that a large vessel was approaching the bridge and they had no contact with that vessel due to their radio being down,” State Police said.

Mr. Naphys was reportedly close to the center of the bridge when he felt obligated to speed up his Toyota RAV 4 to jump the 6ft gap out trembling the car would fall 65ft down below. The vehicle shuttled through the air and arrived almost safe on the other side.

Patrolmen reported that a bridge employee operating the steel grid most likely didn’t notice the family’s car because of the sun flash.

The blame to take for the incident that almost ended up deadly is by the Cape May County Bridge Commision, according to CBS Philadelphia.

“We take the safety of the traveling public very seriously and systems are in place to prevent incidents like the one that has been reported from occurring. Once the results of our investigation are complete we will take any and all necessary action to ensure the continued safety of our customers,” the bridge commission said in a statement.

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