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Courtney Waldon Case: Husband Sets Woman Afire And Then Leaves Her

The just-married couple was sitting by their campfire when the flares began to blow up. The husband reacted by pouring gasoline setting his wife Courtney Walden afire.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the victim described her immense pain that gave her a feeling death is nearby.

“I was in pain. I was sitting there slapping my face, constantly trying to get it off, get it off.”

Her husband Mitch called the emergency and said that Courtney was burning and they need to hurry up. The operator asked what caused the fire and he casually said: “It was stupid on my part.”

Ms. Walden was immediately transferred to a hospital but unfortunately, her body and face suffered 40% burns. She spent 51 days in the hospital and went through 20 different surgeries. However, the consequences left her pretty deformed.

Courtney Waldon Before The Accident (Source: Video Screenshot)

She stated how she burnt her hands trying to put out the fire that was burning her face.

“I felt every inch of my flesh burning off that night,” said the victim.

“When he put the gas on it, the fire shot up and next thing I know I was in gold shivering flames.”

Source: Video Screenshot

The young woman lost anything she ever had in her life and just when nothing could get worse, her husband hit her out of nowhere with a terrible decision.

Not even two weeks have passed as Courtney got back from the hospital; her husband told her he is leaving her. She was left to take care of her four-year-old daughter and pay 2 million dollars medical expenses.

Mitch, who unscrupulously changed the woman’s life, has now left her all alone to take care of everything, even though he knew she is not capable of working.

However, the local community joined forces to build a house for the desperate Courtney Waldon and also opened a GoFundMe account which intention is to raise money for her medical bills.

Although she suffered a deep trauma, before and after the accident, she thinks her husband leaving her was a hidden blessing. She said she doesn’t need a person like that in her life.

Since the tragic accident, Waldon has made an excellent progress; however, she still has poor hand movement. She’s had to relearn simple jobs, like how to feed herself.

“I think if [Mitch] was around he would be holding me down. I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today and wouldn’t have made as much progress.”

“The support I’ve received has been unbelievable. I’m so blessed,” she told PEOPLE.

Courtney Waldon holds a photo of herself from before the accident. Source: Barcroft Images

Courtney Waldon still believes she has inner beauty inside her and every time she looks in the mirror she knows she is still the same person as before.

She believes her story will inspire others that suffered traumatic situations to have the courage to move on.


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