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The Church Forgave A Priest Who Raped Girls While Knowing He Had HIV

A Catholic priest admitted that he has raped 30 young girls while doing the service and he has done it without shame.

He also admitted that he knew about his HIV infection and that didn’t stop him from raping the girls. Now, he will face no consequence or punishment for his crimes because the Catholic Church has literally, forgave everything.

His name is Jose Garcia Ataulfo from Mexico. He admitted that he raped 30 young girls from Oaxaca. This place is very popular for its large indigenous population.

Many of the girls feared reprisal and only two of them went to the authorities. The priest has yet to face criminal charges even though the Church where he preached already forgave him about his terrible crimes which besides raping young girls is also the fact that he was infected with HIV and he knew about it all the time.

Jose himself admitted to the police that the accusations are true. The police started investigating whether this is true or someone is trying to backlash the Catholic establishment in the area. Everyone was confused by this selfish and terrible act.

A mother of one of the victims even went to Rome in order to talk with the Pope who stated that they consider the matter closed. However, in 2013 Pope Francis stated that the Church would remove any bishops that were or are trying to cover up any sex crimes that are committed by priests.

This kind of sexual abuse between priests and children and covered up sexual crimes are more and more common nowadays and they have been widespread even in the USA.

This issue had a spotlight in 2002 when thousands of sexual crimes of priests have been revealed and thousands of victims got the courage to step up and speak up.

It was then when the reputation of the Catholic Church was brought to questioning and it was then when everyone was wondering about the true purpose of the Church.

Since then, the Catholic Church claims that they have removed all of those pastors who have been included in any way in a sexual assault.

They also claim that the story of Jose is false and that someone is trying to bring down the reputation and the establishment of the Catholic Church. The biggest question is that if this is not true, why would the pastor admit it himself?

The public believes that this is true and they want the pastor to get the punishment he deserves because the Church cannot be a police itself and cannot free a man who raped dozens of women while knowing he is infected with HIV. It is just wrong.

What do you think about it? Do you think this is just false news for someone trying to backlash the Catholic Church or do you think they are trying to convince the public that this is false propaganda in order to cover up the case?


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