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China’s Enormous Telescope Made Its First Discoveries

China made a five hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) last September and now it started revealing its initial findings.

According to the reports of the National Astronomical Observation of China, the largest radio telescope in the world has spotted two promptly rotating stars, famous as pulsars.

These objects can simulate “cosmic clocks” when they revolve at a stable rate and they can even give information for sensations as gravitational waves.

What are the pulsars?

The pulsars are the leftovers of long-dead stars, the residual that supergiants left from the explosions that “ate them.” They are tiny, thick and rotate very fast.

A common pulsar can do numerous rotations in just a second.

Pulsars are also famous for having very strong magnetic fields. While twisting, these fields prompt the diffusion of radio waves which are transmitted across the universe and the Earth as well.

China’s telescope is the largest of its kind in the world and it’s able to pick up these signals on Earth.

Michael Nolan, of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson, said that “being bigger means it collects more light.” That means that even a weak signal can become stronger if the telescope is larger.

One of the pulsars that the telescope spotted is located more than 16,000 light years away.

The importance of the telescope lies in the fact that scientists could now be able to analyze the radio waves emitted by the pulsars to find out what they’ve been through before coming here.

Peng Bo, deputy director of FAST stated for China Daily that their country is proud their invention was able to accomplish such amazing results in just one year.

Moreover, this discovery could help them create a detailed map of the universe.

“FAST is going to become central in developing a new map of our universe that is going to be used for all sorts of science. It will probably be many decades before a better map is created,” said Marko Krco, a U.S. astronomer at the NAOC.

Furthermore, the telescope will also be used to find out if there is extraterrestrial life or not.

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