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Breastfeeding Relieves The Vaccination Pain Of Babies

Watching your baby getting the obligatory vaccination is not something we are a fan of. However, a recent research claims breastfeeding helps lower the pain our small creatures feel when receiving their shots.

Any mother that has ever taken her baby for proper vaccination suffered heartbreak from seeing it cry.

So, what if we told you that researchers possibly found a way to ease the injections our little ones take.

University of Ottawa, Canada, has conducted an advanced study which came out with an astonishing result.

Apparently, the babies who receive breastfeeding feel less pain while getting vaccinated than the ones that don’t.

Researchers performed the study based on other 10 studies relevant to the same subject.

The object of research was the effect breastfeeding has on the process of vaccination, by observing and comparing the infants’ reactions.

The study’s led author stated the needles the doctors use at babies are painful and stressful and often cause constant fear in the future; however, they are unavoidable, especially for the health of the baby then and in the subsequent life.

“We compared the effectiveness of breastfeeding in reducing pain (as scored by crying time and pain scores), to holding, babies lying flat, or the giving of water or sweet solutions.All studies examined if breastfeeding reduced pain during vaccinations.” said the author.

The researchers have concluded that breastfeeding lowers the babies’ crying time by 38 seconds on average. They also pointed out that children achieved 1.7 points lower on the scale of pain while being breastfed during the vaccination.

The conductors of the study apply that breastfeeding distracts and comforts the baby; However, they also believe that endorphins in breast milk might serve as a painkiller as well.

“Breastfeeding can provide much more than nourishment. It provides comfort and it reduces pain,” study lead author Denise Harrison, Ph.D., said according to Daily Mail.

Denise Harrison, Ph.D

The World Health Organisation altered its guidance on vaccinations last year to advice breastfeeding for the first time in history.

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