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We Introduce You To Black Garlic: Revolutionary Seasoning That Can Heal Many Diseases

Although it isn’t so famous as his white match, black garlic is sure experiencing a recent rise in its popularity within the gastronomic horizon and the alternative medicine as well.

The garlic, in general, besides being an excellent food spice, it has served also as a remedial seasoning since medieval era. Its benefits are proven scientifically and practically.

Historical reports place the garlic as a diuretic and digestive treatment, aid for colds, infections and a broad diversity of other diseases.

Nutritionists recommend the garlic because it’s healthy for the heart since it lowers the homocysteine level in the bloodstream. Further research shows that garlic improves the circulation and controls the blood pressure.

Why should you add black garlic in your healthy list immediately?

Ever since the Koreans got the things rolling five years ago, the health benefits it came along gain more and more popularity among alternative medicine experts.

Its production takes a month-long procedure of fermentation under supervised warmth and humidity. This procedure’s outcome is a soft texture, free from smell and tastes similar to figs.

From a nutritional angle, black garlic has a higher amount of allicin, the active element in white garlic that conveys its benefits, however, without the usual odor.

Moreover, black garlic is abundant in amino acids and has a double of the content of antioxidants in comparison to white garlic.

Black garlic also includes a special mixture called S-Allyl cysteine, which is water dissolvable and hence consumed efficiently inside the body. This compound makes this revolutionary herb much more effective in fighting many diseases.

But hold still, because we haven’t finished yet. We have even more benefits that will make you use this supplement starting tomorrow.

1. Cancer risk protection and lower cholesterol level

The complex process of creating black garlic is actually making something that is rather compared to a super garlic.

S-allyl cysteine, as aforementioned, alleviates the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of getting cancer, as reported by

In one study, sixty volunteers were taking either black garlic or an inactive medicine twice a day for 12 weeks. The research discovered that the group who consumed black garlic noted an important advance in high-density lipoproteins, meaning good cholesterol level.

For the moment, the advantageous effects regarding cancer are only visible within the labs. It’s far to jump to conclusions.

However, with employing sensitive human colon cancer cells, it was found it can stop their growth and trigger cell death through the PI3K/Akt pathway.

2. Protects from infections

White garlic has antimicrobial, antibiotic and antifungal fragments in its active component, allicin.

On the other hand, in the black garlic, S-allyl cysteine helps with the digestion of allicin, improving the metabolism which directly impacts the infections’ reduction.

Investigators decided to test its ability to examine tumors. Group of Japanese researchers made an amazing discovery. They found proof that black garlic extract shows antibacterial movement to pathogens such as E.coli.

3. Other diseases’ protection

Black garlic has twice as much as antioxidants than the conventional garlic. Antioxidants preserve the cells from getting a disease. Even more, according to, they can decelerate the aging process.

The intense levels of antioxidants offer a shield for advanced illnesses. Furthermore, it makes it an ideal food for preventing chronic disease.

Therefore, there is a lower chance of getting heart disease, Alzheimer’s, circulatory problems, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Black garlic is notable for its sweet taste and its soft composition. For people who don’t consume traditional garlic because they consider it to be too spicy, this garlic has an entirely nicer taste.

It is quite a handy component to be used in a variety of meals to satisfy different preferences.

Use it in your daily diet

There are various recipes including black garlic. For instance, you can use the cloves by pureeing them with olive oil and then applying the mixture onto chicken before baking.

You might want to try Black Garlic Kale, a great recipe for sprucing up one of the best superfoods kale. It’s healthy, delicious and easy to make as well.

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