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Black-Eyed Kid Appeared In Her Selfie And This Pop Star Is Now Terrified!

This Pop Star is left freaked out after she notices something really scary and completely weird on her last selfie taken near the pool.

She noticed some black eyed kid lurking from the bushes in the background of her photos. She also notices that it is not just any black eyed kid but a ghost!

The name of the Pop Star is MeLo Lv and she admits that she didn’t notice anything at that time when she and her friend were filming each other near the pool in Vancouver.

However, some of her fans clearly have eagle eyes and they have noticed that there is something strange in the bushes behind her. It was then when she realized the paranormal activity.

There were even some jokes about them being cute but what about the ghost behind them?

It was then when MeLo LV noticed the black-eyed kid in the background and shared a post about her being completely freaked out and admitting that she only saw that thing now.

She also had to replay the video a couple of times until she gets the clear picture. She is also wondering where this thing came from and how can it be there for a second and the next second be gone. She is so confused right now so she asked the public to tell her anything about this black-eyed kid that looks like a ghost.

Is this just someone with creepy face trying to joke with her or is this something legit?

Someone should call Derek Acorah because this is getting serious.


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