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Bitcoin Plot Of Murder: Woman Paid Hitman With Bitcoin To Kill Her Boyfriend

The native Italian woman living in Denmark, who tailored an outrageous yet unsuccessful Bitcoin plot to murder her boyfriend, has finally been put behind the bars.

The 58-year old woman ordered a murder in March by transferring 4.1 Bitcoin with a worth of £3,000 to the assassin’s virtual wallet.

Allegedly, the woman ordered the murder on a dark website operated by Chechen gangsters. These kinds of sites have risen on the darknet for years.
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For an enthusiastic killer trying to murder their spouse without getting their hands bloody, it all sounds so simple. The reality is not so bright though.

Denmark’s reports how the woman gave her address and a photograph of the victim to the site. She also requested a silencer and the job to be finished on the first try.

Her efforts failed her not because of high transaction costs or mempool backlog, but because the private assassin was fake.

She got 6 years in jail and besides that, she has to leave Denmark after she serves her time.

The contemplated victim of the Bitcoin plot was present at the hearing in Copenhagen and spoke with the woman as well, reports the Danish media.

Bitcoin is famous for the ability to be transferred by an electronic way between users, without an intermediate. This feature makes it attractive for doing illegal purchases.

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