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The Greatest Mysteries Of World War II (Part II)

In the first part, we critiqued some of the biggest unsolved mysteries of World War II. However, there are plenty of other interesting yet enigmatic puzzles on this subject which we will discuss down below.

1. Where did the pilot go: Empty Plane after Pearl Harbor

USA used a P-40 fighter jet to defend itself during the famous bombing of Pearl Harbor. However, the plane has crashed on US land, a year after the attack, but the pilot was never found.

On December 8, 1942, the US radar caught an anonymous plane headed to the US from Japan. In a panic of another attack, they sent two fighter planes to cut off the other unknown plane.

These two planes reported to their base that the aircraft was actually a P-40 with missile holes in the side, the landing gear was damaged and the pilot was collapsed in the cabin, spattered with blood.

The pilots who initially went to inspect the unknown plane said that the pilot in the P-40 rose and waved. After a few moments, the very same plane took a high dive to crash land.

Subsequently, scientists examined the fallen aircraft but found no pilot inside. The only thing they found was his diary. The diary claimed the plane had flown from Mindanao, an island 1,300 miles away.

This happening remains one of the biggest mysteries of World War II.

Why? There are two reasons:

First, if the pilot seen by the other pilots had crashed down during the Pearl Harbor attack, then how did he live for one whole year and got back to fly with that plane.

Second, the fresh blood the other pilots saw was pretty weird, so as his mysterious disappearance after the crash landing.

2. A List Of 17 British Soldiers Discovered At Auschwitz: Who were they?

Full 60 years after the end of WWII, in 2009, in the zone of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, researchers discovered a list that included 17 names of British soldiers.

What makes this event one of the biggest mysteries of World War II is that nobody knew who these soldiers were. It remains uncertain whether they were war prisoners kept in the camp or SS traitors. Some of the last names, for instance, were Gardiner, Lawrence and Osborne, while eight of the people in the account had checkmarks by their name.

According to some people’s opinion, these 8 soldiers had ticks next to their name to mark them as executed with other British soldiers. However, this theory is not backed up.

The list also included some German words, such as never, now and since then, which made some people consider the soldiers were part of a British SS division that the Nazi had during the war.

The Heinous Gates

3. The Russian “Amber Room”

Not many people are aware of the eighth world wonder – the Russian “Amber Room” and even less know that the Nazi stole it. Although they exhibited it in Konigsberg until 1945, its present location hasn’t been found.

This amazing room was initially built as a chamber in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo by Saint Petersburg in the 18th century. The chamber had amber panels with exquisite mirrors and gold leaves.

After the German attack of the USSR during the WWII, the Russians tried to hide and save their artistic wealth around Leningrad.

They also tried to cover this room, but since the room’s antique was dry, they started breaking while being removed.

The Russians made an attempt to hide the chamber by putting wallpaper over it, but the Germans didn’t buy their effort.

German soldiers immediately took apart the amazing room in less than two days and moved it to Konigsberg to display it there.

In January 1945, when the Red Army was getting closer to Konigsberg, Hitler ordered to remove all the antiques from that city.

The city of Konigsberg was bombed in August in 1944 and whatever was left there ended up very damaged. One of the things that ended up damaged was apparently this exquisite Amber Room.

After the war, some people were said to have several remained pieces from the chamber.

There were other theories that Wilhelm Gustloff, a German passenger ship, has taken the whole chamber, only to be sunk after this by a Soviet Submarine.

In 1979, the Soviet Union ordered a replica of the Amber Room. It took 24 years in order for this requirement to be completed and is now open for observing.

Hand-coloured photograph of the original Amber Room, 1931

4. German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s buried a treasure in a sea’s cave

The German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is believed to have hidden many treasures in an underwater cave during the WWII.

He is famous for being one of the most notorious soldiers, extremely devoted to the Nazi state. Rommel is suspected to have concealed treasure in the fear of the 1944 war.

Allegedly, he gave six large steel ammunition crates with German treasures to four SS divers.

These treasures supposedly contained 4,401 pounds of gold bullion, silver, art, jewelry and right now they are said to be buried somewhere deep in the sea.

Nobody knows where the hidden treasure is; however, theories say it might be in the caves of Corsica’s eastern coast.

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