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Another 10 Of The Rules Of Life That Will Definitely Change You – part 2

In our previous post we shared just 5 of the rules of life by Mushashi but now we are ready to finish the list for you because we find these rules very inspirational and as others claim, they really do have the power to change you and your point perspective in life!

These are the 15 other rules of life the samurai swears by:

  1. Abandon the attachment to desire

You need to be more patient and learn how to wait for the good things to come to you because desiring and wishing for more than you have can make you selfish and even more negative because you may end up never achieving what you desired.

  1. Don’t dwell on a sad separation

Moving and continuing with our lives is extremely difficult if you have just separated from your friends or family. But holding on to it and dwelling on it will never help you. The samurai believes that everything happens for a reason in this life and we need to accept that fact and learn how to make peace with the sad events that happen.

  1. Never let yourself live in regret

Regretting will never help you change anything in your past because as said before, everything happens for a reason and you need to keep up with life and learn how to move on!

  1. You should never complain

Even though some people are advised to complain and get everything out of their systems in order to feel better, Musashi believes that we need to stop doing this and simply let go. We need to stop worrying about what went wrong and start focusing on being happy.

  1. Never let your lust rule your life

Even though humans are sexual by natures and many of us desire lust, the samurai believes that we should strive for love and long-lasting relationships if we want to achieve the balance and ultimate happiness.

  1. Don’t be a slave to the surroundings

We need to, once and for all, learn about what are the most important treasures in life! Lux and wealth are simply not it. We need to treasure health, life and love and stop slaving ourselves to some standards.

  1. Always keep your options open

In order to allow the opportunities to come in, you need to keep your options open and never close yourself to some future changes.

  1. Abandon possessions and focus on minimalism

It is important to acknowledge what once was important and let go of it. You need to stop holding onto things you don’t really need anymore. A simple life is the best life.

  1. Learn how not to be gluttonous

Musashi believes that we need to stop talking about pleasure in food and eating. We need to start eating healthier and smaller portion in order to lead better lives.

  1. Do not believe everything

Don’t just let the crowd fill your head with their own opinions but form your own ideas!

You can read the last 5 rules of life in our next post! You have to admit they are a true inspiration!


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