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Alien Enthusiasts Claim To Have Seen Different Creatures In NASA’s Pictures Of Mars

Space agencies, including the most famous one – NASA has already spent a great deal of money and time in their pursuit to discover aliens living on Mars. Alien’s chasers claim that such life is watching us from above all the time.

An individual paranormal investigator made a video where he says he found a gigantic skull of an alien or Sasquatch on Mars.

The allegedly found skull was seen in one the pictures that were broadcasted to Earth by NASA’s Curiosity rover. This rover has rolled over Mars since it landed in 2012.

Anyway, another explanation is that people are giving a psychological reaction on seeing faces, in everyday activities or random situations. We take about a state of apophenia or pareidolia which can be explained with the common example of people seeing religious stuff in chips, pizza etc.

In the case of Mars, the previously mentioned situation of state happened when people started insisting they are seeing the “face on Mars” from one of the Viking orbiters in 1976. In the end, it turned out it was just a lining up of fluctuating sand knolls.

YouTube alien hunter Paranormal Crucible spotted what they claim is an alien skull lying on the surface of Mars.

Paranormal Crucible, in his famous video, suggested the skull was an alien that shared similarity with the mythical Sasquatch or Big Foot, a cryptid which supposedly is a simian-like creature.
His video’s description said, “Strange artifact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature, could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?” NASA didn’t make a statement about this video.

Since NASA’s Curiosity rover docked, this skull was not the only phenomenon that was detected by the alien pursuant. For instance, one of those alien hunters said that the rover has picked up pictures of the surface of the planet which means ancient oceans covered Mars sometime in the past.

Other examples contain a mouse, a crucifix, the face of God and many other sightings visible to some people. Devotees even claim to have seen a silver gorilla, a camel, a big bear with her little bear – daughter etc.

“Strange artifact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature, could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?”

A guy called Mister Enigma is another UFO enjoyer who loves to explore the images sent by NASA’s rover and talk about the several animals he sights on them. He claims to have seen an octopus and an Egyptian statue for which he claims it’s built by aliens of Mars.

Experts deny these amusing theories with the help of the state of pareidolia or commonly, the state of seeing faces or animals on objects where they really aren’t.
Scott C. Warring, the editor of the site called UFO Sightings Daily, claims that NASA posts the pictures in many shades of black, white and grey, so the creatures which appear on them would stay camouflaged.

They said the object was ‘obviously alien in nature’ and appeared to resemble the remains of a ‘Sasquatch’-type creature

When one of the alien bloggers posted that he had seen a lizard rambling around Mars, he created even more reasons for UFO enthusiasts to claim that NASA was establishing life on Mars to conduct experiments.

Fearless of the traditional, alien enthusiasts in August 2013 shared a picture on the Facebook page called Journey to the Surface of the Mars. This image was taken by NASA’s rover and appears to illustrate an enigmatic Martian face – hugger crab that has many similarities with the monster from the famous movie Alien.

Allegedly, one year before the picture was posted on Facebook, a frog was seen on Mars. This frog was apparently seen by Jason Hunter who later made a video to amplify his belief. Another situation was when people claimed they found a rabbit on Mars when it actually was one of the rover’s segments and airbag material.

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