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After Fighting Alopecia, This Girl Has The Best Advice If You Dream For Having Long Hair!

Anastasya Sidorova is from Russia and she is very popular by the name of Russian Rapunzel because of her beautiful, long hair. She works as trichologist and so far she has helped thousands of women get the long hair they were dreaming about forever.

You can find her on Instagram where you can follow all of her tips for having beautiful long hair. You will believe everything she says just because she herself has fought Alopecia and suffered from baldness.

Her beauty and purposefulness are just inspiring and can be very helpful for thousands of women out there., which is why we decided to share her story with you.

Anastasiya Sidorova

She was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia at the age of 18 and her hair started falling down very quickly. She won her battle with the disease and now she has 350,000 of followers on Instagram, a contract with Pantene and hair so beautiful and long!
The illness, helped her decide on which profession to go on and now she helps women that dream of having long hair because she is a cosmetic trichologist.

Anastasiya Sidorova

Anastasya says that when it comes to having healthy and beautiful hair, a complex approach is very much needed.

Some of her most important recommendations to girls that want to have long hair are these:

  • You need to always cut off split ends!
  • Avoid stress as much as possible
  • Keep the balance of food and forget about diets.
  • Use essential oils as hair masks. She strongly recommends the avocado oil.
  • Find the best products for your hair type.
  • Learn the best way to dry your hair
  • If you experience hair loss that is above the normal, seek professional advice.

    Anastasiya Sidorova

If you too dream of having magical, long hair, go follow her on Instagram and learn some helpful tips.

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