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7 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You!

guardian angel

If you ever feel like you are being protected from some kind of guardian angel, guess what? You are probably right. Also, if you feel the presence of the higher force and spirits, you are probably right too.

There are times when you feel this fear and confusion but you continue to do something and you suddenly feel brave and confident.

Well, there are numerous explanations and signs that your guardian angel is watching over you and protect you from anything bad that could happen.

These angels are personal to everyone and they are the messengers of peace and love. They point you in the right direction and help you make the right choices in many different ways and without you realizing it. The most amazing thing about it is the fact that you don’t even have to do anything because they are beside you all the time without asking for anything in return. They are constantly fulfilling you with wisdom and angelic energy. However, you can spend a lifetime learning and searching for your guardian angel and be trying to make a contact with it but you may not succeed.

Which is why we prepared this list of 7 signs in order to realize if your guardian angel is right beside you:

  1. If you experience a sudden temperature change

Just remember the next time you feel a sudden rush of warmth because that will be when your angel is probably near you. Another thing you may feel is tingle in your neck.

  1. If you hear Angelic voices

This may be one of the most obvious signs of them all. You may listen to them and ask them to speak louder, however, make sure this doesn’t become just an imagination!

  1. Meeting someone that seems like they are from another world

Did you know that in ancient stories, angels have appeared in strangers bodies and cross your way in order to point you something or tell you something really important? Well, it is true, never miss a stranger acting weird!

  1. If you feel some change in air pressure

Sometimes when your guardian angel is near you, you can experience and feel like the air is going out of the room.

  1. If your angel appears in your dreams

If you have some particular problems you may dream about your angel point you the solution to the problem or help you make the right decision. You will just know this because the next morning when you wake up, you will know for sure what to do!

  1. If you feel some presence

There are times that angels want you to feel their presence and you shouldn’t avoid that. Maybe it is not the destiny but your angel that helps you out.

  1. Noticing white feathers

Even though most of us are not noticing white feathers there are some people that can see them in their vicinity!

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