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6-Year-Old Died In Shooting In Texas Just Days Before Christmas

The police have opened fire outside when chasing a suspect and just before Christmas, a 6-year-old boy was shot dead by mistake. This shooting in Texas is a real tragedy.

The Sheriff of the police, Javier Salazar stated that they were really sad about this tragic event and the circumstances that led to it.

He answered all the questions about the shooting in Texas in a news conference just a few days after the tragedy. He also explained how that happened.

As he stated, the deputy was responding to a call about a stolen vehicle and he was asked to find the suspect who was a woman with other felony warrants.

Sheriff Javier Salazar, of Bexar County, Tex., center, at the scene of a deputy shooting that killed a suspect and a 6-year-old boy who was struck by a stray bullet. Credit Bob Owen/The San Antonio Express-News, via Associated Press

The deputy stated that when he found the woman, he immediately noticed that she is armed. She even fired with her gun a couple of times. The suspect realized that the police is after her so she got herself in one home where the 6-year-old, his sister and his grandfather lived. The woman threatened their lives and also wanted to steal their car when she got outside and she confronted 5 deputy officers.

It was then when the deputies got the order to shoot and kill so they opened fire and killed the suspect. Sadly, one of the deputies weapons missed the suspect and shot an innocent victim. The victim was just 6 years old and he died immediately even after they tried giving him first aid.

The investigation is still ongoing and the deputies that fired are now on administrative leave until the Sheriff decides what he is going to do about the case.

This shooting in Texas is just another one in the row that has happened in the last year when several kids and even pregnant women have died because of the police shooting.


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