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4 Of The Biggest Mistakes That Create Belly Fat!

Almost all of us are always trying to lose some weight and go on crazy diets but we never seem to achieve the results we strived for and the belly fat is still there.

It is not a secret that losing the belly fat is the hardest thing to do actually, but there are few very common mistakes that most of us make when on diet. These mistakes are the reason we end up with more belly fat then we actually started.

These are the mistakes and how to correct them by activating and increasing your metabolism:

  1. Low calorie and extreme diets lead to fast weight loss

In theory, eating less and losing more weight is correct but it is not the right way to do it. This is because of the fact that with consuming fewer calories, your metabolism will decrease and it will be tougher for it to lose weight. Decreasing your Resting Metabolism Rate is the worst thing to do if your goal is to lose weight, lose belly fat and sustain your weight forever. If you strive for a healthy lifestyle you should skip this low-calorie intake diets.

  1. Eating more small meals throughout the day will increase your metabolism

This is probably the biggest myths of all of them. Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours will never speed up your metabolism. Also, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you will lose more weight. You need to make an eating daily plan that works for your schedule and if eating on every 2-3 hours works for you, and stops you from overeating then you should practice it. However, this doesn’t mean that your metabolism is going to speed up or that your belly fat will magically melt.

  1. All calories are not equal

Well, this is actually true. You should be aware of the calories of different types of food and also understand how much time does your body need to process different kinds of food. For example, when it comes to weight loss you should strive to consume as much protein as you possibly can because proteins are burned quickly even without exercising while carbs take more time to be digested.

  1. Eating late in the night will make you gain weight

This is so false! It is pretty logical the fact that what and how much you eat is what really matters and not when you consume it! It is celebrities who claim that once they stopped consuming any food after 6 pm they have lost weight but did they lose the extra belly fat? After all, losing fat is what really matters and not just the extra water in your body.

However, overeating at night and consuming too much food is a problem and that may lead to excessive weight gain.

The secret to losing belly fat is to avoid fast food or any other powerful cravings and just focus on consuming healthy and fresh food!


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