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20,000–Year Old Sumerian Tablet’s Final Translation Tells A Story That Could Alter The Reason Of Human Existence

The Genesis of the human being is one of a kind and it gets even more astonishing yet intriguing with the ancient texts from different cultures that add more information to the whole history.

One analogous story lies in the 20,000 years old Sumerian tablets that took around 20 years to be completely translated by the archaeologist Zecharia Sitchin.

Zecharia’s translations changed his whole course of life. He started translating 50 years ago when there was no other Sumerian translator that was willing to accept this complicated job.

These tablets were written in the ancient Sumerian language with linguistic changes and they were hard to decipher not only because of that but because of their agedness too.

Nevertheless, after 20 years of hard battle and work, Zecharia brought up a translation for which he said it’s a life story of an alien from a planet called Nibiru.

The extraterrestrial being was named Enki and his story started much earlier before mankind appeared as a sort.

The story’s timeline follows the arrival of Enki to planet Earth together with 20 other astronauts and his wife, on a hunt for gold in order to preserve their life on planet Nibiru.

The tablets assert that in order to survive, planet Nibiru’s atmosphere required gold to reflect the ultraviolet radiation, which harmed the whole existence on this planet.

However, the Sumerian gods, while trying to dig up the valued gold from the Earth, could not stand the physical hard work.

This fact initiated Enki to generate helpers by mixing their own DNA with the existing hominids on Earth.

The duty to conceive this kind of human beings was in the hands of Enki’s wife, Ninhursag. As reported by the tablet’s translation, she was a scientist who knew the best way of genetic modification of the hominids for them to become Homo sapiens.

Where is the connection?

There are many hypotheses which allege mankind was not only created with evolution but that there was interference by extraterrestrial creatures. Indeed, these tablets prove these theories.

Zecharia Sitchin considers these tablets as a powerful proof that associates the unfamiliar part of human being’s creation of the solar system.

He also holds an opinion that mankind, as we know it, was partly conceived with the hand of the Annunaki or the aliens from Nibiru.

In Sitchin’s opinion, the mysterious planet Nibiru is the 10th planet in our solar system, with a rotational cycle of 10,000 years.

Moreover, the well known great flood, as a famous religious event, is the reason for Nibiru’s gravitational pull, claims Sitchin. In addition, he thinks this planet will return in the course of time.

Many historians disagree with Sitchin’s opinion and don’t believe in the certainty of his translation.

They justify their doubts with the facts that the tablets show differences in the language on the way which could not be simply translated following a common rule.

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