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2 Women And 2 Kids Were Brutally Killed In The City Of Troy

Chief John Tedesco has been serving in the police for 40 years and he admits that he has never ever seen such a savage and horrific crime.

4 people have been killed in the most horrific way possible and there were even kids. Everyone on the case was surprised by this tremendous act.

In was just an ordinary afternoon in the city of Troy when a man received a call who got him to go check the tenants in a basement apartment just downtown. It was then when he got there and found two kids and two women all of them unresponsive and tragically dead.

No one at the police wanted to describe the scene of a murder or the way these people died but one thing was for sure, all of them were horrified by the homicide and all of them stated that they have never seen anything as horrific as this.

Not even names were revealed to the public but everyone in the city of Tory knew these people. The chief just stated that there was some kind of relationship between the adults but he did not want to confirm the nature of this relationship.

The city of Troy has roughly 50,000 citizens and all of them were surprised by this act because as most of them confirmed, the city is very friendly and there was only 2 homicide reported in the last few years.

Most of the homicides as the Chief confirms are domestic but everyone was deeply stunned by this one.

There is even no motive and not even a suspect in this case. However, the Chief revealed that certain very important factors were revealed during the investigation. He was also very positive that they are going to find the one responsible for this as soon as possible.

One thing was for sure, these killings were targeted and no one ever witnessed anyone threatening the victims.

The Major of the police Patrick Madden called out the city of Troy as one very kind and friendly place were the people and the neighbors all come together in difficult times such as this.

Even the New York state police are helping this case and trying to figure out the responsible one for this horrific event.

The most interesting part about where the victims were killed is the fact that near their apartment there is a riverbank and a few other homicides happened in this neighborhood in the past.

The owner of the apartment refused to say anything for the interview but it was stated that he didn’t know the victims and he also didn’t know or there weren’t any indications that these people were involved in some kind of illegal acts.

The citizens of the city of Troy are heartbroken because of these terrible events and they are horrified that kids were involved in such acts of crime.


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