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10 Ways Media Manipulation Takes Over Us!

There are numerous of strategies that the media uses to manipulate us and take the control over human beings. Nowadays, the media is even more present on the Internet and all the Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The influence and the media manipulation is inevitable.

In this article, we will shed light on all the techniques and strategies, also how the media manipulation gets to us without us being aware of it.

  1. Exaggerate a problem

An imaginary problem can provoke different reactions throughout societies. Sometimes the media does this on purpose in order to affect people’s actions but sometimes they do it unintentionally which often results in problems and panic among the public.

  1. By creating a diversion

This is probably the media’s favorite strategy. This media manipulation starts when they use millions of not important stories in order to make sure the important situation, which almost always is crucial, goes unnoticed. Switching off our intentions on jokes and memes will never solve any of the problems of the society. However, nowadays we have the choice to filter the information and choose what we want to know.

  1. A gradual strategy

The reason why the media does this and publishes stories gradually is pretty simple and logical. They are trying to make the public form a certain opinion on something. They really do have all the control if you are following media regularly. The very same strategy is used when trying to form an opinion for some object or a person. The biggest example of such media manipulation is very likely the popularization of smoking.

  1. The media is being very kind

The media uses communication in all the right ways in order to make it less critical. They almost always aim at the emotional level of human beings and they almost always succeed! It is all about the impulse after all.

  1. They keep people uninformed

Even though the real purpose of the media is to inform people, they do everything, but that! This happens because of the lack of education in our societies and the media has the power to control what we know and what we don’t. Yet, the era of technology has given us the chance to be well informed of course, if we know how to use it.

  1. Makes people feel guilty

This form of media manipulation is pretty obvious too. They use a different form of news and information that will eventually affect people’s feelings and actually make them feel guilty for any problems of local or even global level. People even blame themselves for wars that were started by governments!

  1. Encourage people to like mediocre products

Can you believe that the media actually make people believe that being stupid and rude is OK? Yes, this sort of media manipulation through TV shows and series is the best way to turn people away from the reality and their problems. This is wrong on so many levels and it needs to stop now!

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